CURRENTLY ON ZOOM on a Thursday Morning, if you would like to join please do get in touch with the church office.

An informal service of Morning Prayer takes place in St Francis Church every Thursday morning from 10 am to 11 am except when extreme weather conditions prevail (deep snow and ice). We follow an adapted Morning Prayer service with readings from the Old Testament, New Testament and the psalms. We pray for the prayer requests on the church prayer board. We pray about the needs and circumstances of individuals and their families and also for persecuted Christians around the world, the UK government and for other countries. New people are always welcome to join our group.

Prayer Board. This is located in the church where we can leave prayer requests. Just placing the request on the board is in its self a prayer, but by being on the board others will also pray into these requests. If you post a prayer please remember to update the board providing updates on how the prayer request is changing and feedback on what the Lord is doing.

Confidential Prayer Chain. Send your urgent and confidential prayers using the prayer request form. The request will go to a small team of prayer warriors who will  keep your prayer confidential to this group.

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